7 Incredibly Powerful Tips to Convert Massive Amounts of Sales From Your Advertising

Tip #1 – The MOST Important DecisionNow, before I tell you this one, I want you to know that if you don’t remember anything else from these tips, remember this one (of course, if you really like this one, keep reading and combine it with the rest for best results)!The single most important decision in your advertising and quite possibly your business is How you position your product.I’ll say that again.The single most important decision in your advertising and quite possibly your business is How you position your product.For example, if I were in business to sell toothpaste, would I want to position it to sell as a product that gets teeth really clean or a product that is good for people with sensitive teeth?Or another example, if I were selling smartphones, would I want to position to sell to the everyday person or to the tech savvy person?While these are just examples to get you thinking, it is extremely important of you to know that the decision of how you position your product is a decision you must make before any advertising. Doing so will put you at a significant advantageIf nothing else, at least give this one a try and see for yourself.Think about how you want to position yourself and make that decision.Tip #2 – A Large PromiseNext up is also a very powerful tip and exponentially more powerful when paired with the previous tip of how important it is to make the decision of how to position your product.This is actually the second most important decision you must make in your advertising.That is, what does your product promise to the customer?Now, before you start thinking, let me tell you what a promise is NOT.A promise is NOT a claim.A promise is NOT a slogan.A promise is NOT a theme.A promise is a benefit for the consumer.Additionally, if your benefit to the consumer is unique and competitive that will be even better for your advertising.Now, when you make a promise of a benefit, you must deliver or even over-deliver on your promises.Your product MUST deliver on the promises of benefits that you advertise.If you are able to both make and deliver on a promise in your advertising, you will be far ahead of others who are in your marketplace.Tip #3 – Branding and ImagesThink of some successful big companies that you know of and that are widely known.Now think of their logo and branding image.Chances are, the ones you’ve picked you’re able to immediately identify the business from the logo/branding.That is the power of having good branding images and logos.However, when it comes to advertising, many people tend to make up branding images and logos as they go and never really take the time to create a branding image that they can come to be known by.Over 95% of all advertisement image is created this way.Many companies fail to use a consistent image that they can be known by. By doing this, they will always lose marketplace position to the business that keeps a consistent image that it can be known by and keep its identity.With that in mind, it makes sense for you to make a brand image that your business can be known by so you can take a more dominant position in your marketplace over competitors.Tip #4 – Big IdeasRemember when you were a kid and someone probably told you to dream big?Well, in business and advertising it is very important for you to have a BIG Idea.I mean, you could have a small idea, but who would want to take action or be moved to buy off of a small idea?Exactly.Probably nobody.Unless your advertising is built on a BIG idea, it will simply fail.I could go into telling you why, but I’m pretty sure you understand that small ideas won’t work.One thing to clarify before I go further on this is that a BIG idea does not mean a complicated idea. In fact, some of the most valuable (but hard to come by) ideas are the ones that make a big problem much simpler.It takes a BIG idea in order to get your customers to take action on what you’ve got.For example, what if I said, “Hey, you should read my report and you might get a couple of sales.”You probably wouldn’t even click on the report for one, and two, if you did read it with that in mind at the beginning you probably wouldn’t get the massive value that this report is really worth!On the other hand, what if I said, “Would it light a fire under you to read this entire report if I told you that the tips in it have lead to millions of dollars in sales for many people and I’m giving them to you for free?!?”Now, while I’m sure that it does light a fire under you to read this report, I want you to know that your advertising must be built on a BIG idea in order to make a BIG impact in sales.With that said, lets move on to the next tip before any of those people that have made millions start trying to wring my neck for giving you these tips for free!Tip #5 – First Class QualityIn the previous tip you read about how important it is to base your advertising on a BIG idea.Another important thing to do is to present a first class kind of quality about your product.Let me ask you this, “Would you rather eat at a restaurant that takes pride in keeping the place clean or a restaurant that has a cockroach infestation?”Now, if you’re a normal human being and not a cockroach enthusiast, I’m sure that the one you pick would be the one that is kept clean.It’s the same way with advertising.People will be more likely to buy from an advertisement that shows quality.With your advertising, you want to make it have a first class look and image that you’re proud to present.People don’t like to buy when the advertisement is ugly.In fact, if your advertisement is ugly then people will perceive your business that way and it will negatively affect your sales!In other words, an ugly advertisement leads people to think your product is of lower quality and one they don’t want to buy.With that said, let the images that people see of your product be one that is of quality (and make sure you deliver on that quality!)Tip #6 – Go the DistanceOne of the common mistakes of many advertising campaigns is that they end up being far more complicated than they need to be.In some cases, I understand that it may not yet be you that is making the decisions in how the advertising campaigns go.However, I will tell you that one of the main reasons that advertising campaigns for many companies become more complicated than necessary is because they are reflecting too many divergent views of too many executives.Not only this, but companies as a whole have too long of a list of objectives they want to accomplish with their advertising.The problem with this is that it causes the company to never have a single simple promise that they can go the distance with and really create some massive wealth.Remember from Tip #2 about having a big promise?It will pay you much better to take a single promise the full distance rather than trying to take a bunch of little ones only a little ways.Of course, you may be thinking, “didn’t you say that you know that some of us don’t have a say in the advertising?”I did say that and to that I say this, “It will pay you much better to take a single promise the full distance rather than trying to take a bunch of little ones only a little ways.”The reason I say it again is because for one it is important in advertising, but even also for you while you work for someone.Even while you work for someone, what is your promise or benefit that you provide to the company?Go the distance with that promise so you can be given a better promise.Of course, if you are already in charge of or part of the decision making, then this is an idea you cannot afford NOT to share with your company.Tip #7 – Don’t Be a Bore!If you’re still reading this at this point, then hopefully I haven’t been boring you into reading this.In fact, if you’re still reading this, I sincerely hope that you have gotten massive value out of this report and will start using these tips so you can build massive wealth in your business and take a more dominant position in your marketplace.Of course, I hope you haven’t skimmed and/or just skipped to this tip as the other tips before this one are even better than this one!That said, applying this tip will most definitely make your customers appreciate you more!All of these tips have been put together in order to provide you with massive values and to get your mind moving in the right directions when it comes to creating your advertising pieces.If you have massive value in what you’re writing, then people will be interested in reading or hearing what you have to say.Not only that, but they’ll share it with other people!Anyhow, this final tip for today is that you do not want to bore your customers.Have you ever been bored into buying?I would think not, but how about this:Have you ever bored anyone into buying?I certainly hope not, but I know that I’ve seen some advertisements that seemed monotonous, cold, detached, plain, and impersonal.Hopefully that wasn’t yours…Anyhow, it is important to speak like a human being rather than your high school history teacher that read the text book in such a monotonous voice that it seemed like the clock was put to sleep!Captivate your audience.Be charming.Make them hungry for what you’ve got.If you are able to keep your audience captivated and interested in what you’ve got, then you will have done better than many advertisements. In fact, at this point in this report I’m at almost 1900 words!Point is, people will read it if it is interesting and valuable to them.I certainly hope that you have gotten something valuable out of this report. Remember, that even one of these tips can put you far ahead of your competition. If you were to begin using many or all of these tips, can you imagine the difference it could make?(P.S. If you can imagine what difference it would make then you are already well on your way!)Yours Truly,Yong Kang